Installing Gerbmerge on Ubuntu Linux

I have posted an addition to this post at Gerbmerge errors for installing Gerbmerge on Ubuntu Linux (12.04-LTS).

Gerbmerge is a program to combine and place CAM data into one panel. To know more about Gerbmerge please visit the following link Gerbmerge

Although the instructions to install it on Linux are there on the above link but they didn't work quite well on my recent install because of Simpleparse. I contacted the author and he sent me the instructions to compile it. So here are they in a user friendly manner.

According to the Gerbmerge website, Gerbmerge requires following:

* Python version 2.4 or later
* eGenix mxBase tools version 2.0.4 or later
* SimpleParse version 2.0.0 or later

Ubuntu Jaunty installs Python 2.6 by default so that's not a problem. According to SimpleParse author Mike Fletcher, the current source of simpleParse includes mxBase tools so getting them from eGenix is not necessary. So in all, we just have to install SimpleParse and then install Gerbmerge.

Installation Steps

Before we install SimpleParse we have to install a few packages from Ubuntu repository.

Python-dev - to get Python.h as it is needed to compile SimpleParse
python-setuptools - SimpleParse compile needs setuptools
build-essential - Needed to compile SimpleParse
bzr - Needed to get latest snapshot for SimpleParse from LaunchPad

To install all these issue the following command on ububtu console:

sudo apt-get install python-dev python-setuptools build-essential bzr

Get and Install SimpleParse:
According to the author, get simpleparse from bzr release. CVS snapshot and the latest release don't work.

bzr branch lp:simpleparse
cd simpleparse
python build_ext --inplace --force
sudo python install
cd tests

The above instructions will install and test SimpleParse.

Get and Install Gerbmerge:
Download Gerbmerge from

tar zxf gerbmerge-1.8.tar.gz
cd gerbmerge-1.8
sudo python install

After installation, Gerbmerge doesn't run as it can't find site-packages/gerbmerge so couple of soft-links are needed.

cd /usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages
sudo ln -s ../dist-packages/gerbmerge

cd /usr/lib/python2.6
sudo ln -s /usr/local/lib/python2.6/site-packages

The prerequisites build-essential, bzr etc. can be removed at this point if needed. Now you should be able to run gerbmerge from console.


Vivek said…
Thanks a lot for taking the time to post this. It works!
Chetan Bhargava said…
Thanks Vivek.
Anonymous said…
Nice one Chetan,
You have probably saved me substantial time with this guide. I appear to have a working install, thank you. Now to do something practical with it...

Scot said…
Worked for me, too. Thanks for tracking down the bzr/launchpad release mojo!
Chetan Bhargava said…
Thanks all. Recently gerbmerge has changed hands. It seems that the newer version doesn't work on new ubuntu out of the box. I have a patch + instructions ready for it. I'll try to post them soon.
smok said…
Hello. I am getting an python error when installing gerbv:
Can you please help me with that?
smok said…
Hello. i'm getting python error when installing:
Can you please help me with that?
olle h said…
I get the same problem as above user.
... no attribute "endswitch".
Chetan Bhargava said…
Which Ubuntu release are you using? have you seen my other post about installing gerbmerge on 12.04LTS?
Anonymous said…
The download link does not work any more.

Broken link :

Do you have a good link for version 1.8?

At they have an older version (1.7a) available, for what it is worth.

1.8 seems hard to get...
Chetan Bhargava said…
"Anonymous" pointed out that the link to download gerbmerge source was broken. I contacted the author and he/they provided a new link. I have updated the link in the post.