Ubuntu Upgrade - Don't do it!

Couple of days back I received notice from update manager that the support for the OS has ended and I should upgrade. Apparently I was running Ubuntu 9.04 and support had ended October 23rd. I decided to upgrade to the next release and started the upgrade process. I left the machine on overnight and upgrade was successfully finished. The installer had upgraded my OS to Ubuntu 9.10. Still I was one release behind so I decided to upgrade to 10.04LTS release. I did the same thing as I did for the previous upgrade and left the machine on overnight not knowing that I would not be able to log-in next morning!

My machine was upgraded to 10.04LTS but unfortunately I was not able to login via GDM. It appeared that GDM was not able to write to my home directory. I switched to pts/1 and logged in normally and found all my files missing! Appropriately I had encrypted my home directory when I initially installed the OS! I had saved the ecryptfs pass-phrase but it was not handy. All my files have gone missing because of two reasons, I did not keep my pass-phrase handy and secondly due to installer scripts being not transparent!

So here is a warning for Ubuntu users who have encrypted their home directories, DO NOT UPGRADE TO 10.04 LTS! Install a brand new system!