Aquarium Controller

The idea came to reality while I was planning for a long vacation :-). This single board computer was built to control aquarium appliances like air pump, filter, heater, etc. The heart of this computer is AT89C2051 chip. This project is a derivative of an idea by Wichit Sirichote from Thailand. The original idea was redesigned to fit the need of my fishes :-). The output is driven by ULN2003A chip. The board has a RS232 interface for downloading the programs. MAX232 is used to do the TTL<->RS232 level conversion.
The unit has three relays connected to ULN2003. More relays can be added as needed. There can be a maximum of 7 relays connected to ULN2003.

More pictures of the unit can be seen here


Anonymous said…

I'm interested, you have more information?
Thank you,

Chetan Bhargava said…
@Greg: I don't have a schematic as I drew it on paper. You can search for the original idea "Miniature Real-time Controller". I replaced the IO with mine. I did some minor enhancements with the software but I might have lost them over the period of time. I still have the controller plus the firmware.
Anonymous said…
Thank you Chetan..