Mass Email Tips

Tips to send mass emails to friends and groups

Sometimes people like to send mass emails to friends & relatives for holiday greetings, invitations, jokes, events, etc to a group of people. If these emails are sent by putting email addresses in TO: or CC: fields all the recipients can see the email addresses of the other recipients. It is okay to do this if there is a discussion going on. Some people including myself mind sharing their email addresses to other people who they don't know. The perfect reason for this is spams, viruses and worms. There are many mass emailing worms that harvest email address from the victim's mailboxes, address-books, and other areas of hard drive. After harvesting and assimilating the email addresses, they email themselves to the email addresses in the list of harvested emails. Further they also email the list of harvested emails to the creator of the worm and then the creator sells those harvested emails to the spammers and bulk mailers. That list propagates among the spammers and you start getting junk mails. If you would like to learn more about email worms, please visit

I think, I have given a pretty good explanation of why the mass / group emails have to be protected and sent properly :-)

When sending messages to multiple people, put their email addresses in BCC field. This will protect the recipients' email address. When the email addresses are in the bcc field no one will know the final recipients of the email and only the sender's email address would be known.

My intention on putting this page is to educate the people about the new worms and spammers' schemes. I hate spams. If you would like to add something to this document, please leave a comment.


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