Mini51 :: Single Board Computer

This post was initially published on my website on 05/03/2002.


* MCS51 Compatible - Can use 8051, 8052, 8751, 8752, 89C51, 89C52, etc. (DIP Packages)
* 8K onboard RAM, expandable to 48K
* Size: 52.5mm x 97.79mm
* Current consumption: < 100 ma * Speed: 11.0592 MHz Crystal (To enable various baud rates) * 8 I/O lines available (Port1) * More I/O lines can be made available using Expansion Connector * Onboard UART for PC communications * 34 pin expansion connector brings out full Address Bus, Data Bus and Control Bus * Standard power connector. Uses 5V Regulated wall adapter. 5V regulator can be built on prototyping area for un-regulated wall adapters * Monitor Program and Assembler available for easy code development * Power LED and Reset Switch * Power-On-Reset circuitry * Power isolation jumper * Prototyping area * Excellent choice for learning 8051 programming and code development * Applications: Learning, Robotics, Home Automation, Process Control, Prototyping, etc.