Arduino Clone Review: BBB

Next up for review is another Arduino clone from Modern Device designed by Paul Badger. In my earlier review, I reviewed RBBB from Modern Device. The PCB I received was not a white solder-mask as pictured on the site. The PCB revision being reviewed is "c"

Layout: The size of the PCB was good. The PCB outline is straight rather than odd original design. This keeps the manufacturing costs low. This PCB is also of a poor design with arbitrary angled tracks and acid traps. Tiny vias still exist in this design that could have been avoided. The track width are pushed hard even where 12 mil tracks could have been used. Despite of space, a non standard (not common) power connector is used. The 15uh inductor could have been made optional. To bridge the inductor it takes a big blob of solder due to solder mask being present. A ground-plane is present on the analog area of the PCB which is a plus. The header layout is not compatible with the standard Arduino expansion boards (shields).

Schematic: The schematic could be simplified a bit. Power options provided are good. Two diodes are provided for protection of the LDO and other components on the board. It could mean that this design was done for students. Good building instructions.

Overall: A board with a poor layout. There are more cons to this board than pros. I would not spend my time building another one of this board.