Arduino Clone Review: Diavolino

Few days back I got a chance to build one Diavolino for one of my colleague. Evil Mad Science lab being local, he picked up a kit of Diavolino. Diavolino is offered by "Evil Mad Science".

Layout: The board outline matches the authentic (original) Arduino designs. I see that the designer has used standard components. The footprints of power connector, resistor, xtal, caps are standard whereas the reset switch footprint is less common. The silk-screen layout is pretty good and looks pretty artistic. The track layout is not professional; I talked to the scientist regarding the layout. She mentioned that she feels that use of GEDA auto-router on this (non-experimental) board is accepted by GEDA community. I feel that a commercially available board should not be a victim of a personal experiment. I totally don't agree with the traces on the board.

Schematic: The schematic and number of components used is much simpler that the previously reviewed (RBBB & BBB) designs. The board can be powered up using a barrel connector (not supplied with kit).

Overall: I like the form-factor and aesthetics of this board. I personally have built two of these units (at the time of writing). I would build it again if I have no better alternatives available. This is the lowest cost locally available board at the time of writing.

I don't have access to other Arduinos available in the market so I might not be able to comment on them but I might come up with my own design.

I would like to invite RFC (Request for Comments) on what conveniences end user would want on on their perfect Arduino kit / PCB if they had a choice? Please comment freely!