PIC Development on Linux

I tinker code and hardware on various platforms and therefore I like to keep boundaries between development tools. I also would like to keep design re-usability among some common tools. To keep isolation between platforms, I use VMware workstation. To keep versions, I use git. Git can be used standalone (without a server) if you need. As you can see from the screenshot that I'm using code development and hardware development for PIC micro-controllers on one OS platform.

With release of MPLAB-X on Linux, PIC development is in "free" boundary. I don't have to dedicate a windows license for my PIC development. I have verified my ICD2 and PICKIT2 working under VMware workstation with MPLAB X. I saw some issues with MPLABX and C30 v3.30c but now fixed by MPLABX 1.30. The C30 issues were fixed by fixing the header files. I opened a ticket with Microchip so that they can fix those in newer versions.


Krishna Kumar said…

Can you let me know where you could find the C30 compiler for Linux/Ubuntu. I have downloaded the Mplabx IDE for linux, but C30 compiler download link for linux is no where to be seen. Only a exe download is available for C30.

I have managed to download a xc16 compiler for Linux but I would still prefer to have a C30 for legacy code.

Any help will be appreciated.
Krishna Kumar said…

Could you please let me know where you downloaded the C30 compiler for MPLABX on Linux

I have a MPLABX 1.41 version however I could not find a download link for a Linux version of C30 compiler. The only link available downloads a exe file.

I have managed to download a XC16 compiler for Linux, but I would still prefer a c30.

Any help is appreciated.

With regards
Chetan Bhargava said…
@Krishna Kumar: I was provided with a link to c30 compiler from Microchip support. Later I downloaded X16 compiler and the latest version works fine with mplab-X.